Thank you for being the delightful, delightful person creating something in one of these very small fandoms! I will be happy if you write *anything* in them, honestly, these prompts are just if you need some guidance. I am on tumblr as plinytheyounger if you would like more about me.

Trick wants:

  • hauntings! literal or metaphorical. I love themes around memory/the past and also just GHOSTS of any description
  • dreams and visions of any kind
  • corpses! death!

Treat wants:

  • slice-of-life/character-building moments
  • adventures (also spooky adventures welcome)
  • emotionally fraught kissing! emotionally fraught sex!
  • found family/friendship
  • fix-its/ridiculous AUs


Blanket do not wants:

noncon/dubcon, crossovers/fusions,  a/b/o, mpreg, self-harm, underage, unrequested non-canon pairings, incest

Suikoden III

FANDOM OF MY HEART. I will love anything you write for this, honestly. There are already supernatural themes in Suikoden, and I'd love an exploration of those - how does Sarah imagine the oncoming visions of doom which drive Luc? What was her life like before him? Looting corpses is, of course, a game mechanic, and I'd love to see that explored, as well as the whole complexities of the Chris + Yun situation in Alma Kinan -- she barely gets a moment to react to Yun's sacrifice in-game (and we barely meet Yun) but it's such an impactful moment. Aila and Geddoe are mercenaries of my heart - I love the whole group, honestly - and Aila's shaman-type powers, her journey/culture shock throughout the game, plus omggggg Aila + Geddoe gen interaction considering their WILDLY DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES would be great. Plus any and all Geddoe backstory, Geddoe in the present day... with Dios, I'm interested in his loyalty to Sasarai, and to what might happen with them after the game - how much of Harmonia's imperialistic expansion do they question? 

Generally, worldbuilding/little details stuff is great, humour is great, manga-canon and game-canon I both love, and I would be delighted with any or none of Sarah/Luc, Chris/Salome, Chris/Nash, Chris/Lucia, Chris/Lily, Aila/Jacques, Geddoe/Queen, and Dios/Sasarai :) 

Don Carlo

!!!!!! Don Carlo! Don Carlo! Anything is great. The looming shadow of the Inquistion, the intricacies of court intrigue, the complexities of character motives, the heartwrenching goodness and humanity people still display, puffy SHORTS...literal Charles V popping out of his tomb.

Anything is good here. I cheerfully ship any and all combinations of Posa, Elizabeth, and Carlos (or none) and Elizabeth's relationship with Philip (and indeed Posa's, including in a slashy way if you want to go there) is always fascinating. Character study? Dream sequence? Some macabre Philip inner mind theatre would be great. On the lighter side, if you were going to write pretty much any ridiculous AU of Don Carlo, I would be super there for it.

Ancient History RPF

Hannibal and Scipio's post-war melancholic friendship is one of my favourite things as is....the history of the Punic Wars as well, to be honest! Riffing on Livy and/or Plutarch at any point or in any way is great; Hannibal/Scipio would be great; Hannibal at court, and the net closing in on him, would be great. Also ALP CROSSING!!!! and indeed the dreams of Hannibal and Scipio/visions - I love Roman religion/omens and that potential for very surrealistic and abstract imagery.

CREEPY CAME-BACK-WRONG ANTINOUS, ANYONE? Antinous possessing statues of himself! Antinous who is in the corner of a room one minute and then not the next! Antinous is-it-really-happening-or-a-grief-induced-hallucination! So many morbid (and slashy) possibilities here. Hadrian and Antinous in happier days very much welcome also.

For Dido, I would love backstory (and again, there's a lot that's inherently spooky there), any and all Dido/Aeneas (OR NOT), her establishing herself as queen/ruling, and I'd be especially very into any AUs of how things might have gone down differently for her!! (as is everyone who's read Book IV I'm sure). Space AU or anything else would delight me as well.

For Sappho, gosh, the field is WIDE OPEN - anything you want to imagine about her life, please do, whether serious or absurd, I'd just be delighted.




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